Declan's Korean FlashCards

Declan's Korean FlashCards 2.4

Declans Korean FlashCards is a learning program that teaches the Korean language
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Declan Software, Inc.

Declan's Korean FlashCards is a shareware learning program that teaches us the Korean language (HanGul). From the main application interface, we can access the Installed Word Files window that displays our installed word files list. By selecting any file, we can view its content at the Selected Word File Details window. From the FlashCards and Exercises window, we can learn a word, its pronunciation (by a native speaker), and its meaning. There are many types of exercises to test our skills (listening comprehension, spelling, pronunciation, reading comprehension and so on). From the Word File Management window, we are allowed to manage a selected word file, access the general management tools (manage all installed words, download and import word file, create a new word file, and create a custom word file), and import and install word files. This last option takes us to the installation instructions. After purchasing Korean FlashCards, we can download and install one or all the files available from the online Audio WordFile Archive. These files contain over 3500 word and phrases (topics, verbs, nouns, commonly used expressions, etc.). It is possible to evaluate this product free of charge for 15 days. Other related shareware programs are ReadWrite Korean, Korean Dictionary, Korean HankGyo, and Word File Creator Pro.

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  • Lots of varied exercises
  • Native speaker pronunciation
  • Free Evaluation


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